“Blue-Green Infrastructure and the Invention of the Swamp in Early Modern Texts,” Renaissance Society of America (RSA) Annual Meeting (remote presentation, 21 Apr. 2021).

“Liquid Borders and Atlantic Insularity in The Sea Voyage,” Shakespeare Association of America (SAA) Annual Conference (remote seminar, 2 Apr. 2021).

“Black Gold and Ice Archives in Early Modern Arctic Narratives,” Modern Language Association (MLA) Annual Convention (remote panel, 8 Jan. 2021).

“Collaboration Across the Multi-Campus University” (with Elizabeth Parke), Digital Humanities: Collaboration Conference, University of British Columbia-Vancouver (remote roundtable, 29 Oct. 2020).

“Sweet Waters: Memory, Loss, and Infrastructural Thinking in Early Modern Texts,” SAA Annual Conference (remote seminar, 17 Apr. 2020).

“Race, Jurisdiction, and Corporate Constitutions in John Fletcher’s The Island Princess,” SAA Annual Conference (Washington, D.C., 18 Apr. 2019).

“‘Seal that Service with my Blood’: Risk, Representation, and Public Bodies in Seventeenth-Century English Drama,” RSA Annual Conference (Toronto, 19 Mar. 2019).

“‘Authors,’ ‘Actors,’ and the Bonds of Representation in King John,” seminar on “Locating (and Dislocating) Voices in Shakespeare,” SAA Annual Conference (Los Angeles, 29 Mar. 2018).

“The People’s Officer: Shakespeare’s Coriolanus, the Tribunes, and the Origins of Popular Representation,” Arthur F. Kinney Center for Interdisciplinary Renaissance Studies Graduate Conference (University of Massachusetts at Amherst, 28 Oct. 2017).

“Surveying the City: Mapping Urban Space through GIS in Renaissance Literature,” RSA Annual Conference (Chicago, 1 Apr. 2017).

“The Stationer to Dramatophilus: Publisher as Persona in Restoration Playbooks,” MLA Annual Convention (Philadelphia, 6 Jan. 2017).

“The Metaphysics and Politics of Ensoulment in Edmund Spenser’s The Faerie Queene,” Center for Renaissance and Reformation Studies Conference (University of Toronto, 21 Oct. 2016).

“River, Ditch, Sewer, Jakes: Mapping Water as Infrastructure in Early Modern London,” HASTAC Annual Conference (Arizona State University, 12 May 2016).

“Native and National Monstrosities: Castration, Psychophysiology, and the Seventeenth-Century Global Imagination,” American Comparative Literature Association Annual Conference (Harvard University, 19 Mar. 2016).

“‘The Minstrelsy of Heaven’: Representation, Authority, and the Politics of Lyric in Paradise Lost,” Eleventh International Milton Symposium (Exeter University, 23 Jul. 2015).

Invited Talks, Presentations, & Lectures

“Distant Reading as Collaboration in the Active Learning Classroom,” invited lightning talk for Project Pedagogy Series (University of Toronto Mississauga, 27 Nov. 2019).

“Dirty Data: Mapping Water and Waste in the Early Modern City,” invited work-in-progress presentation at the Jackman Humanities Institute (University of Toronto, 14 Nov. 2019).

“The Painted Book: Cesare Vecellio and the Pillone Library,” invited public lecture at the Beinecke Library (Yale University, 10 Apr. 2019).

“Noah’s Ark: The Pillone Family Library,” Mondays at Beinecke invited talk (Yale University, 25 Feb. 2019).

Panel discussion with Whitney Trettien (Assistant Professor, University of Pennsylvania) and Catherine DeRose (Manager, Yale Digital Humanities Laboratory) for the Yale Program in the History of the Book (30 Jan. 2019).

Panel discussion with Ann Jones (Esther Cloudman Dunn Professor Emerita and Professor Emerita of Comparative Literature, Smith College) on Habits Ancient and Modern, part of Beinecke Library exhibit Bibliomania (23 Jan. 2019).

“Narrative Form in the Gothic Bildungsroman,” guest lecture for ENGL 136: Vampires, Castles, Werewolves (Yale University, 27 Feb. 2017).

“Shakespeare and Britten’s Dream,” Night at the Opera invited talk for Shubert Theater performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Yale University, 19 Feb. 2016).

“The Politics of Conception in The Faerie Queene,” British Studies Colloquium (Yale University, 13 Feb. 2015).

“Uncommon Law: Highlights from the Taussig Collection,” Mondays at Beinecke invited talk (Yale University, 6 Oct. 2014)

“Using the Taussig Collection for Research,” presentation for “Celebration of the Acquisition of the Anthony Taussig Collection of Legal Manuscripts and Printed Books” (Yale University, 3 Oct. 2014).

Guest lecture series on Robert Greene, Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay & John Lyly, Gallathea (four lectures), ENGL 308: Renaissance Drama (McGill University, Spring 2012).