Please see below a list of my courses to date. For sample syllabi, assignments, and exercises—or just to discuss pedagogy more generally—please feel free to contact me via email!

Department of English, Dalhousie University

ENGL5842: Exiles, Captives, and Migrants in Early Modern Drama
Fall 2021

ENGL3015: Renaissance Drama
Fall 2021

ENGL2217: Shakespeare in the Globe
Winter 2021

ENGL1100: Writing For University
Fall 2020, Winter 2021

Department of Historical Studies, University of Toronto at Mississauga

HIS210H5F: Introduction to Digital Humanities: The Archive in the Anthropocene
Fall 2019

Department of English, Yale University

ENGL 114 (Introductory Writing Seminar): Animals, Animality, & the Human
Spring 2019 & Fall 2016

ENGL 115 (Introductory Literature Seminar): Homesick: Nostalgia in Literature
Fall 2018

Digital Humanities Teaching Fellow & Part-Time Acting Instructor
ENGL 136: Vampires, Castles, & Werewolves
Spring 2017 (with Professor Heather Klemann)

Yale College Writing Center (Center for Teaching and Learning)

Writing Partner
Fall 2017 – Summer 2018

Faculty of Continuing Education & Training, Seneca College (Toronto)

EAC 273FM: Introduction to Children’s Literature
Spring 2013, Fall 2012

Department of English, McGill University

Teaching Assistant
ENGL 308: Elizabethan Drama
Spring 2012 (with Professor Wes Folkerth)

ENGL 315: Protean Shakespeare
Fall 2011 (with Professor Paul Yachnin)