As a historian of books and literature, I’m guided by the belief that reading all kinds of texts attentively, generously, and creatively opens up new dimensions of meaning within and among them—regardless of whether they are popular or literary, humanistic or scientific, material or digital. By the same token, as an instructor I strive to help students draw connections between the rich significance of a single textual detail and their own experiences and goals beyond the classroom.

Yale College Writing Center (Center for Teaching and Learning)

Writing Partner (2017-18)
Weekly undergraduate tutoring meetings and drop-in sessions, with a particular focus on working with international students and English language learners.

Department of English, Yale University

Digital Humanities Teaching Fellow & Part-Time Acting Instructor
ENGL 136: Vampires, Castles, & Werewolves, Spring 2017 (with Prof. Heather Klemann)

Part-Time Acting Instructor
ENGL 114 (Introductory Writing Seminar): Animals, Animality, & the Human, Fall 2016

Faculty of Continuing Education & Training, Seneca College (Toronto)

Partial Load Professor
EAC 273FM: Introduction to Children’s Literature, Fall 2012 & Spring 2013

Department of English, McGill University

Teaching Assistant
ENGL 308: Elizabethan Drama, Spring 2012 (with Prof. Wes Folkerth)
ENGL 315: Protean Shakespeare, Fall 2011 (with Prof. Paul Yachnin)