Department of English, Yale University

Instructor of Record
ENGL 115 (Introductory Literature Seminar): “Homesick: Nostalgia in Literature” (Fall 2018)

A first-year literature seminar of my own design. By analyzing texts belonging to a wide range of genres, modes, and historical periods, students learn to craft well-argued critical essays. Our discussions explore the comforts and the personal and political hazards of nostalgia in texts like The Odyssey, William Shakespeare’s Pericles, Nella Larsen’s Quicksand, and Viet Thanh Nguyen’s The Refugees.

Digital Humanities Teaching Fellow & Part-Time Acting Instructor
ENGL 136: “Vampires, Castles, & Werewolves” (Spring 2017, with Professor Heather Klemann)

A literature survey lecture course for which I led one seminar discussion section. Major authors included Bram Stoker, Angela Carter, Mary Shelley, and Horace Walpole. With the support of a competitive Digital Humanities Teaching Fellowship, I collaborated with staff at Yale’s Digital Humanities Laboratory to design a set of assignments that combined literary criticism with methods like distant reading, network visualization, and GIS mapping.

Instructor of Record
ENGL 114 (Introductory Writing Seminar): “Animals, Animality, & the Human” (Fall 2016)

A first-year writing seminar of my own design. By analyzing and discussing argumentative prose from a range of disciplines, students learn the fundamentals of college writing. Themes and topics included animal communication and consciousness; animal rights; constructions of race, gender, and sexuality; and climate change and food insecurity. Authors included Thomas Nagel, Donna Haraway, and Mel Y. Chen.

Yale College Writing Center (Center for Teaching and Learning)

Writing Partner (2017-18)

Weekly undergraduate tutoring meetings and drop-in sessions, with a particular focus on working with international students and English language learners.

Faculty of Continuing Education & Training, Seneca College (Toronto)

Instructor of Record
EAC 273FM: “Introduction to Children’s Literature” (two iterations, Spring 2013 & Fall 2012)

A hybrid online and classroom course, teaching the basics of college writing and literary analysis through the study of children’s literature. In-person class sessions consisted of short lectures, group activities, and individual tutoring and consultation.

Department of English, McGill University

Teaching Assistant
ENGL 308: “Elizabethan Drama” (Spring 2012, with Professor Wes Folkerth)

An upper-level seminar on early modern drama by authors other than William Shakespeare. I provided a series of guest lectures, led small discussion groups, and graded assignments.

ENGL 315: “Protean Shakespeare” (Fall 2011, with Professor Paul Yachnin)

An upper-level lecture course exploring William Shakespeare’s plays through the lens of change and conversion. I led two discussion sections of 20-25 students each.